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Wishing instead of having to go to work

 The Canadian Nomad here!

So my actual name is Lynnea Elsasser, and I hail from the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada.  I came to South Korea in 2016 because of my interest in English language teaching and wishing to gain more teaching experience. I am now in my fifth year of working and living in South Korea. I have spent almost three years in Seoul and two years outside of Seoul in Suwon, near Hwaseong Fortress. 

       If you look through my blog posts, it becomes pretty obvious that I love coffee. Besides coffee, I enjoy design, art, history and cultures.  One of my past times is photography, and when the fine dust isn't too bad, I like hiking or just being outdoors. 


This blog was always an idea at the back of my mind as I went through the process of adapting and surviving in South Korea. When I moved to Suwon in 2017, I instantly fell in love with the area, along with Hwaseong Fortress and I wanted to tell everyone about it! I started with writing about Suwon, and my blogging has progressed from there. 

As time progressed, I wanted this blog to be a space for learning and collaboration for like-minded teachers. I have experience teaching adults in multiple contexts, but most recently have been teaching young learners. So, I started to developing a teaching section on this website. It is in the initial stages currently, but I am hoping over time, this section will progressively grow.


 It took me awhile but you reading this is evidence that I finally got this website up and running! Thank you for stopping by and I hope this blog has been and will be helpful for you and many others.

Disclaimer: Even though I will try to keep information updated, due to the nature of Korea and businesses coming and going, it might be good to check an additional source or a place's website for up-to-date information. There have been many times myself, that I go to my favourite store to see that it has closed down.


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