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Everyday's Another Holiday Pizza- 에어홀

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

If you are a fan of pizza and aren't afraid of a lil' fusion food, then Everyday's Another Holiday Pizza (or the Korean acronym, 에어홀) might be just what you are looking for. Located within the fortress walls in Jangan-dong on a quiet street, 에어홀, has converted the top floor of a Korean house into their restaurant.

Everyday's Another Holiday building, front entrance, 에어홀,
에어홀 from the street

Upon walking up the stairs, you will be greeted by their outdoor seating which can be a great spot on a nice, sunny day. You will feel like you are in eternal summer with the crisp white tables and the cheery yellow-painted walls (note: since writing this, the yellow walls have been replaced with metal railings to open up the space more).

Everyday's Another Holiday outdoor seating, 에어홀
the outdoor seating area

indoor decor at Everyday's Another Holiday, surfboards

Upon walking inside, the instant feeling is laid-back and fresh. The walls are painted white with small wall accents added here and there throughout the restaurant. My boyfriend said it reminded him of a beach-side joint. It definitely gave off a chill vibe.

We wanted to enjoy the fleeting warm autumn weather so decided to take a seat outside. Surprisingly, it was too hot... I had a small burn on my cheeks the next day, even though I wore sunscreen. Not thrilled.

The neighborhood was incredibly quiet on the Sunday we visited. The only sounds was the music coming from the restaurant. We did get to watch an ahjumma air out her laundry, but other than that, the streets were basically dead.

Now, let's move onto the most important part, the food. At this point, they only offer pizza along with one type of side, wings and fries. The pizza come into two different sizes, 12 inch and 18 inch. They do have a decent drink selection and even offer Pabst beer (to my boyfriend's delight). Another great feature of this place is the lineup of condiments they offer. At our table, there was Tabasco sauce, red pepper flakes, Parmesan cheese, and Sriracha.

Everyday's Another Holiday menu, 에어홀 메뉴
The menu

Our wings n' potato came out first. I am usually a girl who needs ketchup with her fries, but I found that this wasn't necessary with these guys. The fries were topped with 'snow cheese' and parsley. The chicken wings, were not spicy at all, they had what we think was a type of honey sauce on them. Don't quote us on that though, all I can say for sure is that they were quite tasty.

Finally, our pizza came out. I was so hungry by this point. As the pizza was being made, I would get whiffs of it from the kitchen. A great thing about these pizzas is that there is no corn!! #cornfreepizza Which as you know, can be a problem in many Korean pizza places. There was also a good amount of cheese. We achieved a pretty good cheese bridge (which we all know is vital) when taking our slices.

Of course, I had to try a slice of the mac n' cheese pizza first. If you love Kraft Mac & Cheese (or as we affectionately call it in Canada, KD), it tastes very similar to this. Except, I found there was hints of bacon and a distinct pizza flavour at the end of each bite because obviously, it's pizza. I found the crust here was quite thin and soft, and it didn't distract from the toppings.

Everyday's Another Holiday Pizza entryway

Overall, it was an enjoyable experience at Everyday's Holiday Pizza, but I wouldn't make it a regular thing due to the price (a girl's gotta save some money, you know).



- order at the counter and pay when you leave

- order the mix pizza so you can try two different kinds

Music: R&B and chill (mostly Western)

Bathroom: the women's bathroom is straight ahead when you walk in while the men's bathroom is to the left and around the corner

Specialty/What to Try: Mac n' Cheese Pizza, Sweet n' Potato Pizza

Social Media: everydays_another_holiday (Instagram)

Hours: Mondays closed, Tuesday-Thursday (11:30-22:30), Friday-Sunday (11:30-23:00)

Location: Suwon-si, Paldal-gu, Jangan-dong 89-1, 2nd floor; 수원시 팔달구 장안동 89-1 2층

From the main street of Jeongjo-ro, go down the street between the Hanok Technology Exhibit Hall and the Etiquette Education Centre (예절교육관). You should pass Hotel Dono on your right. Pass Haenggung Mansion (a coffee shop) and walk a little further. The restaurant should be on your right.


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