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  • Lynnea Elsasser

My Top 3 Trendy Cafes in Haenggung-dong, Suwon

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

It doesn't take long to figure out that Haenggung-dong within Hwaseong Fortress has more than just a few cafes. It seems a new one pops up every month. While there are many trendy new cafes in the area, there are a few that I have fallen head over heels in love with. In regards to being trendy, these are my top favourites. These cafes I have been to multiple times and bring friends who are visiting me from other cities or countries to see. For all of these cafes mentioned if you are coming on a weekend try to arrive right after the cafe opens for the day. These cafes are quite popular and are usually full by midday.

Cafe Choan 카페초안

A sister cafe to Cafe Doan in Ingye-dong, this cafe has a beautiful view of the famous willows of Suwon stream swaying gently in the breeze. In one of the few newly-built buildings in the area, this cafe is two stories high and has a small balcony (which is excellent for taking pictures on). The clean, minimalist aesthetic interior is mixed with earthy elements. It brings to mind a Zen garden that has been ushered inside. You really feel connected to nature inside this cafe, which is enhanced by the flow of the space and the balcony that opens up to the willow trees outside on the second floor. The drinks and desserts are an extension of this minimalist and earthy feel. I highly recommend the beautifully crafted Okinawa Coffee (latte with cream and Okinawa brown sugar) and the Choan Matcha (matcha latte topped with sugar cane cream).

Location: Suwon-si, Paldal-gu, Changnyong-daero 7beon-gil 16

수원시 팔달구 창녕대로 7번길 16

Hours: 12:00PM-8:00PM daily

Instagram: cafe_choan

HiHeyHo Coffee 하이헤이호

This cafe has been a favourite of mine for quite a while. You can spot this building from quite a distance by its white exterior and large print on the side of the building that says "HiHeyHo Coffee". What I love about this cafe is the decor and hands-down, the drink presentation. The clean, mid-century modern cafe is washed in white with pops of retro colours throughout the space. Their drinks are a combination of adorable and vintage-inspired cozies and mugs that would look great on any Instagram feed.

Location: Hwaseomun-ro 46beon-gil 12 Paldal-gu, Suwon-si

수원시 팔달구 화서문로 46번길 12

Hours: 11:30AM-10:30PM daily

Instagram: hiheyho_official

Hongrard Coffee (Branch 2) 홍라드카피 2호점

The second Hongrard cafe is located on the second floor of a renovated two-story house, also known as a jutaek (주택). This cafe is similar to Cafe Hanyakbang found in Seoul, as it is an ode to the dabangs in Korea of yesteryear. This cafe's decor is themed around the Korean pre-21st century era. It is quite cozy and split into four different rooms. Space is quite limited in this cafe. This cafe also has a stunning view of Paldal mountain and of the neighborhoods of Janganmun-dong and Sinpung-dong. My favourite drink is their coconut coffee (홍라드코코넛), which is a reminder of Vietnam for me. Oh ya, did I mention there are bead curtains, red carpets, and one room's floor that are filled with wood chips?

Location: Suwon-si, Paldal-gu, Hwaseomun-ro 16beon-gil 15, 2nd floor

수원시 팔달구 화서문로 16번길 15, 2층

Hours: 12:30PM-11:00PM daily



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Have you been to any of these cafes? Which one was your favourite? Which cafe do you want to check out! Let me know and comment below!

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